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Deli Meats and Cheeses

Boar's Head Deli Meats and Cheeses


At Jarrettsville Creamery & Deli we carry Boar's Head deli meats and cheeses. Boar's Head is a leading brand because of their high quality and great taste! We believe in serving only the best to our customers and with Boar's Head we can do just that!


Below, you can find a list of all the meats and cheeses that we carry and their prices...


Deli Meats:

Blackened Turkey  - $9.59/lb

Blazing Buffalo Chicken - $8.99/lb

Bologna - $6.49/lb

Cappy Ham - $9.39/lb

Chipotle Chicken Breast - $8.99/lb

Corned Beef - $12.39/lb

EverRoast Chicken - $8.99/lb

Hard Salami - $8.99/lb

Liverwurst - $6.69/lb

Low Sodium Turkey - $9.29/lb

Maple Glazed Honey Coated Ham - $9.39/lb

Maple Glazed Honey Coated Turkey - $9.79/lb

Ovengold Turkey - $9.49/lb

Pastrami - $12.39/lb

Pepper Ham - $9.39/lb

Pepperoni - $7.59/lb

Porkette - $10.99/lb

Roast Beef - $12.99/lb

Sweet Slice Ham - $9.39/lb

Virginia Ham - $9.39/lb



Baby Swiss - $8.99/lb

Colby Jack - $6.99/lb

Mozzarella - $6.29/lb

Muenster - $6.19/lb 

Pepper Jack - $6.89/lb

Provolone - $7.99/lb

Smoked Gouda - $8.89/lb

Swiss - $7.99/lb

Vermont Cheddar - $7.39/lb

White American - $5.59/lb

Yellow American - $5.59/lb




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